I was invited by​​​​​​​ DIRTY WORK  , to contribute to this project as a Motion Animation and  Compositing.

Client: Burger King
Agency: Monkey-land
Studio: Dirty Work Factory
Executive Producer: Ito Andery
Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann
Director: oito:olhos (Christopher Rocha e Pedro Fernandes)
Head of Production: Jéssica Sales
Assistant Producer: Felipe Ribeiro
Storyboard: oito:olhos, Felms, Bernardo França
Animatic: Jefferson Lima
Art Director: Felms
Illustrator: Lufe Santos, Bernardo França, Bruno Soares, Sarah Hochsteiner
Animation Director: Robson Santos
Cleanup: Dazy Teodoro
Motion Animation and Compositing: Saulo de Castro, Barbara Nozari, Gustavo Miaciro, Caique Moretto
sound: Satélite

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